Name : DR Swetlana Nagal
Qualification : M.Sc, Ph.D, CSIR-UGC NET
Designation : Asst Professor (Microbiology)
Department : Microbiology


Curriculum Vitae 

Name Dr. Swetlana Nagal
Dateof Birth   August 08, 1981
Qualification  M.Sc., Ph.D. (AppliedMicrobiology &Biotechnology)
Sex   Female
Marital Status    Married
Languages Known   English & Hindi
Designation     Assistant Professor
PayScale 15600+6000 AGP
Research Area Production and characterization of MicrobialEnzymes(Keratinases), Microbial Biotechnology (Strain selection,Characterization andImprovement), Bacterial Taxonomy and Dehairing.

Address      Dr. Swetlana Nagal
   Assistant Professor Microbiology
 Govt Mata Karma Girls College Mahasamund CG

PermanentResidence  C/O Mahesh Kumar Nagal
  57-Shivashrya, Shaktinagar
Educational Qualifications 



Board / University

Division (%)

Subjects/ Faculty

AISSCE (12th)


CBSE Board

1st (66.5%)

Biology, Mathematics, Chemistry, Physics & English



Dr. Hari Singh
Gour Univ. Sagar

1st (65.1%)

Industrial Microbiology, Botany, Chemistry, F.C.

M. Sc.


Dr. Hari Singh
Gour Univ. Sagar

1st  (65.1%)

Applied Microbiology and Biotechnology





Life Sciences



Dr. Hari Singh
Gour Univ. Sagar


Applied Microbiology and Biotechnology

M.Sc. Specialization: Fermentation technology

ProfessionalCareer  (8 Years)  


Post held

Exact Dates

Total Period

Pay Scale

Nature of duties



Govt Mata Karma Girls College Mahasamund CG

Assistant Professor


Till date

3 Years

40,000/- PM

Regular position

Research for PG

Dept Applied Microbiology & Biotechnology (AMB),
Dr. H. S. Gour Vishwavidyalaya Sagar
      Sagar (M.P.) 470003

Ad-hoc Lecturer



9 Months



Guest Faculty



4 Months


Ad-hoc Lecturer



3 Months


Guest Faculty



6 Months


Ad-hoc Lecturer



3 Years
 6 Month


Research  Experience ( 5 years) 

Ph.D.  “Keratinolytic Potential of SomeBacteria from Waste KeratinicMatter”(2009) under the supervision of ProfP.C.Jain, Department of AppliedMicrobiology and Biotechnology, Dr. HariSingh Gour V.V,  Sagar (M.P.) 470003.

Research Areas of Interest   

· Microbial Biodiversity:Isolation, Identification and Biotechnologicalpotential.
· Production of Amino acidsusing Microbes and their enzymes.
· Bioremediation: Degradationof Polyaromatic Hydrocarbons by Microbes.
· Microbial proteases (Keratinase):Production, Characterization &Application.
Refresher/Orientationcourses attended
· Attended  7 day workshop Global Initiative Academic Network2019  164046H01 : MOLECULAR BENEFICIALPLANT-MICROBEINTERACTIONS AND FUNCTIONAL MICROBIOME ForeignFaculty : Harsh Bais, Professor atUniversity Of Delaware, United States ofAmerica  Host Faculty : Dr. Naveen Kangoheldfrom 25-30 june 2018at Dept. ofMicrobiology, Dr. H.S.Gour Vishwavidyalaya,Sagar  (M.P).
·  Attended UGC sponsored InterdisciplinaryRefresher course in"Environmental Studies"  held from 16.1.17 to 5.2.17 atUGC-HRDC, Dr.H.S.Gour Vishwavidyalaya,Sagar  (M.P).
· AttendedUGC sponsored 54th orientatuion Programme held from 18.5.15 to14.6.15 atUGC-HRDC,Dr. H.S.Gour Vishwavidyalaya,Sagar (M.P).
 Membershipof Professional Bodies and Associations (3)
· LifeMember, Association of Microbiologists of India (AMI). [ LM No.1789 / 2004 ]
· LifeMember, Indian Science Congress Association (ISC). [L14549 / 2009]
· LifeMember, Probiotic Association of India (PAI, KARNAL). [  148/2012 ]
· Academic/Adminstrative ResponsibilitiesHeld(8)
· ProgramOfficer, Youth Red Cross Unit, GMKG College Mahasamund (2013 to tildate).
· CentreSuperintendent, Pt RSU Examination at GMKG College Mahasamund(2013 to tildate).
· UGC-NAACCoordinator, GMKG College Mahasamund (2017 to til date).
· CoordinatorPurchase Committee at GMKG College Mahasamund (2013 to Aug2017).
· AsMember in Alumini Association, Guest lecturer selection committee,JanBhagidari Samiti, Carrer Guidance and Placement committee
Participation in Workshops / CertificateCourses/seminars(7)

1. Attended the workshop on The State ofQuality in HigherEducation-Measures to improve it held at Govt College,Fingeshwar sponsored byRUSA in Nov 2015.
2. Attended the workshop on The State of Qualityin HigherEducation-Measures to improve it held at Govt MVPG College,Mahasamund sponsoredby RUSA on 30 sep2015.
3. Attended First Mentorship Workshop for theEast Zone under“Biotechnology Career Advancement and Reorientation Program forwomen Scientists(BIOCARE) held at 16th November 2011 at Department ofBotany, University of Calcutta.
4. Attended the workshop on “Fermentation and downstreamprocessingtechniques for production and purification of cellulolytic enzymes” heldatCentral Institute of Post Harvest Engineering & Technology (CIPHET)PAU,Ludhiana, March 2-12, 2012.
5. Attended the workshop on Bioprocess Technology heldat IIT,Madras, July 12-21, 2010.
6. Provided hands on training during theworkshop on MicrobialTechnology andMolecular Biology, held at Department of. AppliedMicrobiology andBiotechnology, Dr. Hari Singh Gour Vishwavidyalaya, Sagar(M.P.). Mar.10-19, 2008 and Sep. 10-19, 2009.
7. Attended the workshop on Recombinant DNA Technology heldatCentral Facility for Biotechnology Teaching and Research(CFBTR), Madurai. Jun 3-12, 2005.
8. Attended one month training program on CertificateCourse on Bioinformatics(CCBI), held at M.P.STEP Bhopal. Jun. 1-30,2004.
List of Dissertations Submitted for the Award ofM.Sc. DegreeUnder supervision (6)
1. Dissertationentitled “Isolation of NapthaleneDegrading Bacteria fromOil Contaminated Soil Samples” by Ms. Sonam JainM.Sc. Microbiology, collegeof Life Sciences, Cancer Research Institute,Gwalior (2010).
2. Dissertationentitled “Survey of Bacteriocin producingLactobacilli fromMilk and MilkProducts” by Ms. Amita Mishram M.Sc. Applied MicrobiologyandBiotechnology, Dr. Hari Singh Gour University, Sagar (2010).
3. Dissertationentitled “Biotransformation of featherWaste into Aminoacids by Bacillus cereus”by Ms. Ankita Rai, M.Sc. AppliedMicrobiology and Biotechnology, Dr. Hari SinghGour University, Sagar (2010).
4. Dissertationentitled “Production of AlkalineProtease by Bacilluscereus usingchicken feathers” by Ms. Mansi Pranjpae M.Sc. AppliedMicrobiology andBiotechnology, Dr. Hari Singh Gour University, Sagar (2010).
5. Dissertationentitled “Isolation of keratinophilicFungi from SchoolPlayground Soil” by Ms. Darshna Saraf M.Sc. AppliedMicrobiology andBiotechnology, Dr. Hari Singh Gour University, Sagar (2010).
6. Dissertationentitled “Hair Penetration Pattern ofDermatophytic andNon Dermatophytic Fungi” by Ms. Vandana Bharti M.Sc.Applied Microbiologyand Biotechnology, Dr. Hari Singh Gour University, Sagar(2009).
Seminars/Symposia/ Conferences Attended (11) 
1. Presented a paper entitled"Metagenomics: Recent trends inBiotrechnology" at InternationalSeminar on emerging trends in ITand Applied Sciencesorganised by MATSSchool of IT and Life Sciences, MATSUniversity, Raipur from 28-30 march2015.
2. Presented a paper entitled Isolation andIdentification ofNapthalene Degrading Bacteria from oil contaminated soilsamples. at 15th PunjabScience Congress-2012held at GNDU, Amritsar from7-9 Feb 2012. (Posterpresentation )
3. Attended First Mentorship Workshop for theEast Zone under“Biotechnology Career Advancement and Reorientation Program forwomen Scientists(BIOCARE) held at 16th November 2011 at Department ofBotany, University of Calcutta.
4. Research paper entitled “Biotechnological ApplicationsofKeratinases for management of poultry Wastes” in NationalSeminar on Environment Safety and Solid waste Management Indiaheld atGovernment Arts and Commerce (Nodal) College, Sagar (M.P.)  Mar. 9-10,2010. (oral presentation )
5. Research paper entitled “Production of Dehairing EnzymeUsingChicken Feathers by Elizabethkingia meningoseptica KB042” inAnnualConference of Association of Microbiologist of India held at NCL,PuneDec.15-18, 2009. (Poster presentation )
6. Research Paper entitled “Productionof Feather ProteinHydrolysate and Keratinolytic Protease by Elizabethkingiameningoseptica KB042(MTCC8360),”held at 24th M.P.Young ScientistCongress, Bhopal.Feb. 28, 2009. (Oral presentation)
7. Research Paper entitled “Biotechnological Importanceof Elizabethkingia meningoseptica KB042 in poultrywastemanagement,” in National Conference on Biodiversity, ConservationandSustainable Development (NACBCSD-08), organized by Dept. of Botany,R.T.M.Nagpur University, Nagpur. Jan. 7-9, 2008. (Oralpresentation)
8. Presented a paper entitled “Featherhydrolysis by ahyper-keratinolytic bacterium KB042 for generation of valueadded products frompoultry waste” at 22nd M.P. YoungScientist Congress,held at Samrat Ashok Technological Institute, Vidisha. Feb.28, 2007. (Oralpresentation)
9. Presented a paper entitled “Evaluationof Enzymicpotential of a hyperkeratinolytic strain of bacterium KB042”, inAnnualConference of Association of Microbiologist of India organized by DeptofBiotechnology & BioinformaticsCentre, BarkatullahUniversity, Bhopal.Dec. 6-8, 2006.
10. Presented a paper entitled “Isolation and PartialCharacterization offeather degrading Bacteria”, in Microtech-2K4 andAnnual Conference ofAssociation of Microbiologist of India held at NDRI,Karnal. Nov. 23-25, 2004.
11. Presenteda poster on “Stem Cells: MagicSeeds  ForEvaluating Human GeneticDisorders and their Therapy” in NationalConferenceon 50 Years of DNA, 25 Years of IVF, held at Dr. Hari Singh GourUniversity,Sagar Oct.11, 2003.

Publications (8)

1. TuliM,Gurumayum S,Kaur S, Nagal S andAttri I(2015). Isolation and Screeningof cellulolytic fungi by baiting methodfrom soils of Jalandhar. Res.J.Pharm.Biol.Chem.Sci 6(2)375-380. .  (Impact factor 0.35)  ISSN0975-8585
2. Yadav V, NagalS and Kumar M (2012).Antagonistic Activity of Microorganisms isolated fromRhizospheric soil againstFusarium oxysporium f sp Cumini.  International Conference onsuistanableAgriculture 2012 held at PAU ,Ludhiana Vol C 1085 ISSN:
3. NaveenKango and Nagal, Swetlana (2012).Metagenomics:Unravelling the obscure. InternationalJournal of CurrentResearch  4(2):17-20, ISSN-0975-833X
4. Jain,R., Nagal, Swetlana and Jain, P.C.  (2012)Poultrywaste management using microorganisms’.In Microorganisms inEnvironmentalManagement. Edited by Satyanarayan  T., Johri , B.N. and Anil Prakash.SpringerPublication Ltd., XVII, 948, 745-766.ISBN 978-94-007-2229-3
5. Nagal,Swetlana, Naveen Kango and Jain, P.C. (2010).Production  of  Alkaline Protease from Elizabethkingiameningoseptica KB042 using chicken feathers. Annals of Microbiology60: 629-635 (impactfactor 1.607).ISSN 1869-2044
6. Nagal, Swetlana  and Jain, P.C.  (2010). Production offeather hydrolysate by Elizabethkingia meningoseptica KB042(MTCC8360) in submerged fermentation. IndianJournal of Microbiology 50 (1):S41-S45. (Impact factor 1.31). ISSN0973-7715
7. Nagal, Swetlana  and Jain, P.C.  (2010). FeatherDegradation By Strains of Bacillus Isolated FromDecomposingFeathers. Brazilian Journal ofMicrobiology 41:196-200. (Impactfactor 1.81) ISSN-1517-8382
8. Nagal Swetlana and Jain, P.C.  (2009). Isolation ofbacteria  from decomposing feathers. Journal of Microbial World 11(1),15-20.    [ISSN-0972-1487] 

I hereby affirm that the particularsfurnished above are true to best of myknowledge and belief.