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Department of Economics 

The Department of Economics endeavors to impart specialized knowledge in field of Economics to create a class of skilled professional and intellectuals to cope with the challenges in the era of globalization. The Department aims to acquaint students with problems of the economy and enable them to cope up with professional competency. The dedicated and sincere faculty of the Department is devoted to enhance the capabilities and capacities of the students by creating opportunities in rural as well as urban segments of the economy. The curriculum of the courses offered is designed to teach, train and prepare human resources with scientific knowledge and professional acumen in multidisciplinary areas and is best suited to develop analytical aptitude the students. The Department is equipped with a modern state of art library, a computer laboratory with internet facility and a conference/seminar room with advanced teaching aids. The teaching and training is provided through expert lectures, seminars, documentaries, language laboratory and study tour/ industrial visits with sole aim to prepare a cadre of qualified intellectuals and trained economists and professionals for administration, education and research areas.