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Commerce lab is a concept in any management institution.Commerce Lab will be a facility to enrich student s’ practical knowledge infinance domain.

Student will get well versed about the financial statement,various forms used in banking , import-export , insurance , various taxationforms like VAT, TIN, Income Tax etc. The idea is to impart the practicalknowledge and get acquainted with various practical aspects of commerce.

CommerceLab Activities

1.     Practicalorientation to student on matter relating to banking , insurance ,taxation,foreign trade, corporate affair stock exchange by the faculty and resourcepersons.

2.     Onlineentry of forms like IT returns through power point presentation.

3.     Preparationof Charts, models, News Letters by students for display

4.     Groupdiscussion on current economic and commercial issue.

5.     Conductof  various  quiz and competition.

6.     Interactionwith the peers from  the other institute.

7.     EnactingPrograme on mock banking, insurance ,taxation etc.

8.     Providingvaluable tips / information on career prospects.

9.     Showingonline stock exchange activities.

10.Conduct of  Practical Test.

11.E- commerce activities.

CommerceLab Instrument – Computer Terminal , Projector ,various business model and different banking forms.