1.         Visitthe library on the prescribed day and time as per the time table to get a book.

2.         Contentother than the copy -page is prohibited in the library.

3.         While expelling the book from thelibrary, check the book and inform the librarian that the page ismissing/mutilated.

4.         It is strictly forbidden to write,mark, underline in books, magazines and newspapers.

5.         A student can store 03 books for15days.If necessary, it can be reconstructed for 15days.

6.         If the books are not returned withinthe stipulated time period late fee of Rs 01 will have to be deposited daily.

7.         Reference books, magazines andnewspapers will not be manufactured; they can be used in the library.

8.         The librarian can ask for any book to bereturned before the time period in such case return the book immediately.

9.         Such students who have any kind ofarrears in the library can decide the book only after paying the said arrears.

10.       The admit card for the annual examinationwill be provided after submitting all the books issued from the library so youcan prepare notes for study.

11.       Students willing to keep books till theexamination period can deposit the amount of the value of the books. The amountwill be refunded upon submission of the books. It is mandatory to return thebooks during the examination period.

12.       Students shall take good care of libraryfurniture and other materials and keep the furniture and other materials asthey are before leaving the library.

13.       If the book is damaged or torn or lost themarket value of the book or the book has to be deposited.

14.       Inspecial circumstances the librarian May ban readers from entering the library.

15.       Strictly follow the orders in the libraryand remain silent and speak slowly if absolutely necessary.

16.       Thedecision of the principal will be final on all the rules relating to the library.



1.         Signin the register at the time of entering the laboratory.

2.         Itis mandatory to have the identity card of the college for entry in thelaboratory.

3.         Maintainpeace and cleanliness in the laboratory.

4.         Donot consume food and beverage in the laboratory.

5.         Do not use mobile phones in thelaboratory. Use mobile phones outside of the laboratory if necessary.

6.         Donot touch experimental equipment and experimental records unnecessarily.

7.         Useexperimental materials with care and give them in place after use.

8.         Switchoff the tracing table and Fan light after use.

9.         Donot leave the doors and windows of the laboratory open.




1.         Sign in the register at the time ofentering the laboratory and bring necessary items and an observation notebook.

2.         Weara lab coat and keep a clean handkerchief with you.

3.         Itis mandatory to have the identity card of the college for entry in thelaboratory.

4.         Maintainpeace and cleanliness in the laboratory.

5.         Do not use mobile phones in thelaboratory. Use mobile phones outside of the laboratory if necessary.

6.         Donot touch experimental equipments and experimental records unnecessarily.

7.         Usethe microbiological cultures with care and give them in place after use.

8.         Donot discard any culture without proper sterilization.

9.         Donot leave the doors and windows of the laboratory open.

10.       Always sanitizer hand with soap and waterand then with alcohol after leaving the lab.




1.         Wherea full length long sleeved laboratory coat or chemical resistant apron.

2.         Alwayswear appropriate eye protection in the laboratory.

3.         Neverwork in the chemistry lab without supervision of a teacher.

4.         Alwaysperform the experiment precisely as directed by the teacher.

5.         Use equipments (glassware ,bunsen burneretc) in the correct way as directed by the teacher.

6.         Keepthe work area neat and clean and free from unnecessary objects.

7.         Inspect all equipment for damage cracksand defects clear to use do not use damage equipment.

8.         Checkthe label to verify it is the correct substance before using it.

9.         Keepyour hands away from face, eyes , mouth and body while using chemicals.

10.       Becareful when handling hot glassware and Apparatus in the lab.

11.       Alwaysuse a spatula to remove solid reagent from the container.

12.       Donot directly touch A chemical with your hands.

13.       Nevertest and smell chemicals.

14.       Never fill a pipette using mouth suction,always use a pipetting  device likepipette bulb.

15.       Makesure no flammable solvents are in the surrounding area when lighting a flame.

16.       Addconcentrated acid to water slowly, never add water to concentrated acid.

17.       Foodand drinks open or closed should never be brought into the lab.

18.       Neveruse laboratory glassware for eating or drinking purposes.

19.       Donot block the sink drains with debris.




1.         Weneed to be very careful in the botany lab.

2.         Weneed to know and follow safety rules.

3.         Followall instructions given by the teacher.

4.         Do not perform any unauthorisedexperiment, always obtain your teacher's permission before doing anyexperiment.

5.         Keepyour voice Lo so that you can hear instructions.

6.         Removedangling jewellery.




1.         Secure loose clothing lab coat stylelong hair back and wear closed shoes and wear gloves.


Be organized –

(a)  have yourexperiment written in your copy.

(b)  No how touse all of the equipment.

Never do -    

(a)  work inbotany leg If a Teacher is not there.

(b)  Never touchany material or equipment until you are told to do so

(c)  Never play around during experiment

(d)  No eating,drinking or chewing gum during botany lab.

Washing –

1.wash yourhands before and after handling materials and equipment.

2.Washequipment thoroughly after use.

Maintain your area –

1. keep yourarea TD and free of clutter.

2. Put allmaterial and instruments away and wipe your bench when finished.

Laboratory first aid-

1. reportall and accident injuries are incorrect procedure at one.

2. In caseof severe bleeding contact your teacher immediately.

3. In anysebastians is spilled on you or gets into your eyes with plenty of water andnotify your teacher.

4. In caseof painting or collapse give the person fresh air and recline him so that thehead is lower than the body.




1.         Oneof the best laboratory safety rule is that dispose of the lab waste properly.

2.         Don'texperiment on yourself.

3.         Listen to the instructor and readinstructions carefully before attempting to do anything.

4.         Wear safety gloves to protect your handand after experiment use hand wash to clean your hand.

5.         Donot sit on the lab benches.

6.         Keepthe laboratory always clean and don't make noise.

7.         Followall written and verbal instructions carefully and never work alone.

8.         Alwayswear a lab coat before entering the lab.

9.         Keepyour hands away from your face , eyes and mouth while working in the lab.

10.       Donot consume food in the lab.



1.         Signin the register at the time of entering the sports room.

2.         Do not lean on the equipment or Sportsitem keep your hands away from any moving part.

3.         Nofood, no gum , no drink except water, no smoking.

4.         Reportabout damage dispute to the management sports teacher immediately.

5.         Reportall losses are injuries to the sports teacher.

6.         Useequipment at your own risk.

7.         Donot stand on benches or chairs.

8.         Runningor horseplay is prohibited.

9.         Pleasepickup any trash or litter.

10.       Throwingobjects in the Sports item is   prohibited.

11.       Don'tcomment on other people.

12.       Don'tmake others uncomfortable with conversation.

13.       Cellphone use is always prohibited in the sports room.

14.       Pleaseavoid placing personal items on the counter surface when possible.

15.       Betidy and clean.

16.       Alwaysbe courteous and respectful to other. 

Guidelines for admission to undergraduate and postgraduate classes of government / non-government college of Chhattisgarh

Code of Conduct

Each student who is taking admission the college has to follow the rules of the college.  If they do not follow them they will be a participant of the punitive action set by the government. 

1. The students will come to college in a decent costume.  In any case, her costume should not be provocative. 
2. Every student will concentrate fully on the study, as well as fully cooperate in extra-curricular activities organized by the college. 
3. She will behave fairly in the college premises.  The use of indecent behavior, unprotected language, abusive language, or firearms will not be used. 

 4. Every student should be humble and polite with her teachers, officers and employees. 
5. Every student has the moral duty to keep the college clean.
6. The consumption of any type of drug in the college is strictly prohibited.
7. It is strictly forbidden to spit in the campus of the college, to dirtywalls and furniture or to write dirty things.  Strict action will be takenif the student is involved in anti-social and criminal activities. 
8. She will not demonstrate her demands by spreading movement, violence or terror.  Student will keep himself away from partisan politics and will not resort to political parties, workers or newspapers to persuade her demands. 
9. During the classes, the use of mobile phone is prohibited.

Study Rules

1. 75% attendance of students in each subject will be mandatory, and thisrule will also be applicable in NCC, NSS, otherwise it will not be eligible to sit in annual examination as a regular candidate. 
2. Students will use the tools in the laboratory carefully, keep them clean andthe lab will keep clean. 
3. The rules made by the library will have to be complied with.  The books will be 
issued in the prescribed number and it will be returned to the library at the scheduled time.  In the prescribed time, the penalty will not be given for refunding the book. 
4. For any difficulty, she will submit application in front of her teachers- guardian  or in front of the principal in a peaceful manner. 
5. Fans and lights in the lecture halls, laboratories or reading room and girls’ common room will have to switch off the button if they are not required.
6. Students must appear in all the unit test, quarterly, half-yearly andpre-final exams under internal examinations during the session. In case, unhealthy and she does not appear in the internal examination, she should submit an application with medical certificate.